Dawna Zane

“I’m very grateful to be alive today, knowing how easily my life could have been taken away from me.”

No one knows more about the power of optimism than Dawna Zane. After being thrown from a car crash at 17, she was left paralyzed from the chest down. Suddenly, her world changed and she was forced to learn everything from scratch.

REHAB’s physicians, nurses and therapists worked with Dawna so that she could be active again – wheelchair racing, swimming, driving and even skydiving. With unwavering spirit and determination, Dawna graduated from high school, college and recently received her Masters in Counseling.

Today, Dawna lives her life to the fullest and looks forward to a promising future. Renovations will designate rooms with built-in lifts and environmental controls so that spinal cord injury patients with limited mobility can operate the phone, call button, lights and bed without assistance.

Kurt Tateishi

“Even though you are not the same, you can still live a good life.”

At his prime, Kurt was an industrious worker who enjoyed diving, fishing and throwing pottery in his spare time. In November 2006, his life changed when he was hit in the head with a steel beam and fell 15 feet from a ladder. Suffering from brain injury, Kurt attempted to run away after being admitted to different hospitals.

Using a walker to get around, Kurt was finally introduced to REHAB where he excelled. He started painting in the Louis Vuitton Creative Arts Program and made friends who provided comfort, encouragement and support. It was the first time Kurt stopped running.

Today, Kurt stands tall and doesn’t need a walker. He is proud of his independence and has even begun throwing pottery again. Sometimes he finds it hard to concentrate and is often forgetful, but Kurt is grateful to REHAB for his second chance in life.

Renovations will incorporate patient rooms for individuals recovering from brain injury with features that offer a safe and calming environment.

Carolyn Ma, PharmD

“Every day, I am able to celebrate a small triumph of basic function and these steps help to keep me motivated.”

As a former triathlete, Pharmacy Practice professor and director Carolyn Ma, knows all about determination and perseverance. She was cycling on the Big Island when she was hit by a delivery truck. Her hips, tailbone, arm, leg, and ribs were broken, and her lungs were punctured.

She had to learn how to stand, walk and write again. She is now actively working on maintaining her strength and range of motion through traditional therapy and new technologies such as the Bionic Leg, which gives her the confidence to take the next step.

Renovations will incorporate the latest technology into patient rooms including medical gasses and air conditioners with special negative ionizers.

Toni Chong

“The first day, they said: ‘We’ll check you in and then we’ll work you.’ And they did…it was wild! An absolutely positive experience. They are remarkable people.”

Toni Chong understands the value of hard work. An upbeat and successful businesswoman, Toni’s life was turned upside down when she suffered from an unexplained aneurysm in January 2011.

After being unconscious for three weeks, she arrived at REHAB on a gurney, unable to speak or walk. Toni put her faith in the staff to get her better. They did not let her down. She describes the staff as being kind and patient, yet firm and demanding. Thankfully, all of her hard work paid off and Toni’s swift recovery resulted in an early discharge.

A few short months later, this amazing woman is back to stand-up paddling with her husband, Wes. Toni’s strong work ethic and positive attitude are keys to success in her recovery. Wes truly believes that she would not be where she is today if it wasn’t for REHAB.

Renovations will create new spaces to involve loved ones in the healing process, including multipurpose rooms for patients to dine with family and friends and a healing garden where patients can socialize and relax with visitors.