We are renovating for the future. REHAB has the most experienced and skilled team of rehabilitation doctors, therapists and nurses in the state, with the latest technology to stimulate your muscles to regain mobility or relearn speech. Now, we need a facility that is truly a place of healing.


Upgrading Our Facility With New Enhancements

The infrastructure will be transformed to further improve safety and comfort.

Electrical System will be upgraded to be in compliance with The Joint Commission, the accrediting organization for hospitals nationwide.

Air Conditioning system will be replaced to improve air quality and comfort for patients and staff.

Fire Prevention System will be in compliance with all applicable National Fire Prevention Agency code for hospitals.

Hurricane Resistant Windows will be installed for emergency preparedness in the event of a natural disaster.

Engaging Family & Friends In the Recovery Process

Renovations will incorporate features that improve the patient experience and encourage the involvement of loved ones in the healing process.

Family Rooms will include sleeper chairs so that young children and patients from the neighbor islands can keep family members close by during their stay.

Transitional Apartment Rooms will be designed and an Activities of Daily Living Center with a complete kitchen and residential bathroom will be included for patients to practice self-help skills with the aid of skilled therapists.

More Single Rooms will be added to provide patients with privacy as they heal.

Family Activity Rooms will be added to each patient floor where family and friends can dine together, socialize, watch movies and access the internet.

Healing Garden for patients and their families to relax. A mobility track will be specifically designed for patients to practice moving across different surfaces when in wheelchairs or fitted with new prosthetics and other adaptive equipment.

Expanding Our Programs to Meet Everyone’s Needs

New programs will focus on the unique challenges of patients, while keeping up with the latest in acute rehabilitation medicine and technology.

Vision Center for patients with brain injuries and neurological conditions.

Driver’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Training for elderly and disabled individuals who require adaptations or special training to obtain a driver’s license.

Speech and Communication Center for patients with disorders that impact their ability to speak or swallow or impair their cognitive and expressive skills.

New Clinical Programs for rehabilitation from cancer treatment, cardiac surgery and pulmonary conditions.

Our New Hospital will have specialized patient rooms

Advanced equipment will be built into rooms to better serve those with special needs.

Lifts and Environmental Controls will be installed in rooms that serve those with spinal cord injuries. Patients with limited mobility will be able to independently control the television, phone, nurse call button, lights and bed without assistance.

Noise Reduction Room with specialized features that also reduce visual stimulation to create a calming environment.

Infection Control Room with negative air ionizers that will reduce the spread of infection.

Medical Gas and Suction will be built into rooms for patients with complex conditions.