About Rehab Foundation

The Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific Foundation was established in 1984 solely to support the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific (REHAB), its programs and patients. Gifts from the community allow the REHAB Foundation to enrich and enhance the rehabilitation experience for patients. Funding provides vital support for medical equipment purchases, scholarships, patient care programs and capital improvement projects all with one goal in mind: to maximize each patient’s recovery.


Capital Campaign



Stanford S. Carr

Janice Luke Loo


Board of Directors



Michael W. Perry

Vice Chair

Janice Luke Loo


Stanford S. Carr



Laurie K. S. Tom, M.D.

Executive Director

Jean Nakanishi


  • William Crowley
  • Adelia C. Dung
  • Gloria Kosasa Gainsley
  • Keith Gendreau
  • George Irion
  • Michael P. Irish
  • Kara Kitazaki-Chun
  • John T. Komeiji
  • Eileen Kauhane Lota
  • Bryan Luke
  • E. Lynne Madden
  • Ted McAneeley


  • Hideo “Joe” Morita
  • Dale Ruff
  • Gerald H. Saito
  • Glenn O. Sexton
  • Lloyd T. Sueda
  • Mark Teruya
  • Karen Tiller
  • Valerie Trotter
  • Buzz Wo



  • Edith Leong
  • Sally McDermott
  • Cherye Pierce
  • Patricia T. Schnack
  • James C. Wo


History of REHAB Hospital

First known as the Rehabilitation Center of Hawaii, the hospital was established in 1953 by the Kauikeolani-Children's Hospital Foundation to serve the needs of physically disabled people residing in Hawaii including polio-stricken children.

In 1969 the Center was renamed the Pacific Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine and in 1975 separated from Children's Hospital to become an independent, not-for-profit hospital specializing exclusively in rehabilitation medicine. It was renamed the Rehabilitation Hospital of the Pacific. Most people know us today as REHAB.

In the early 1980's, REHAB developed specialized programs with treatment teams to serve individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities from injury, disease, and/or congenital causes. Patients that are admitted enter an appropriate program (i.e. stroke, spinal cord injury, brain injury, etc.). These programs use a multi-disciplinary team approach. Disciplines include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, rehab nursing, recreational therapy, social services, physician and psychology services.

During the 1980's REHAB also established outpatient clinics to offer comprehensive outpatient services. The goal of outpatient services is to maximize independence for individuals who have physical or cognitive disabilities resulting from injury or disease. Outpatient clinics are currently located in Nuuanu (first floor of REHAB hospital) and Aiea on Oahu, and Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Today, REHAB continues our commitment to providing the highest quality services that offer dignity and hope to people with disabilities - enabling them to live independent, productive and fulfilling lives.